Winning a Trophy

All trophies are held by winners for one year only. It is the holder's responsibility to ensure the safe return of the trophy ONE MONTH BEFORE the Festival is due to begin. 

A letter/email will be sent at the beginning of the year regarding return of trophies. Please help us by returning them in ample time, so that we have time to get them ready! A trophy will not tarnish so easily if kept away from central heating. If it becomes very tarnished, a special silver-cleaning cloth (obtainable from jewellers’ shops) can be used gently.  It is advised (by jewellers) not to use any cleaning fluid or paste or abrasive cleaners. A rinse with soapy water and drying with a soft cloth is best. 

Please note: Trophy winners are responsible for meeting the expense of having their names engraved on the trophies, but the cost of any necessary extra strips/plinths/repairs etc. will be met by the Festival.

Any queries regarding trophies and their return, please contact:
Mr Graham Harris -