Official Accompanists

You may wish to use an official accompanist if you do not have your own pianist for your performance.

The use of an official accompanist is free, but please note the following: 

  • Requesting an official accompanist can ONLY be done by post and MUST be accompanied by the sheet music. Requests without music will not be honoured. 
  • Good sheet music copies, in the version and key you require, can be sent to Lyn Young, 34 Holmehead Way, Carlisle, CA2 6AJ 
  • All music must be labelled with the participant’s name, and the class number for which it is to be used. You may also wish to add an approximate metronome marking. 
  • Music must arrive at the above address no later than 7 days after the timetable is published. The timetable is the brief sheet listing classes, days and times; this is NOT the full detailed programme which will be on sale later. Music arriving later than 7 days after publication of the timetable will not be accepted. 
  • Photocopies may be sent, but it is your responsibility to ensure copyright laws are obeyed you CANNOT request the services of an accompanist without submitting your music at the same time.

Do not request the services of the Official Accompanist unless you are certain you are going to use them. You may request a rehearsal with your allotted accompanist, but this will be at their convenience and they reserve the right to charge a fee for their time.  Accompanists can expend considerable time learning music and would rather not spend this time on pieces which are not required.