Official Accompanists

Entrants to the Festival are welcome to bring their own accompanist where a piece requires one and the class descriptor allows.   If you wish to use an Official Accompanist to perform with at the Festival, there are pianists available for you to use, free of charge.  Prior to the Festival, you will be given the name of your accompanist; any advance rehearsal time required by you is at the discretion of the accompanist and may be chargeable.

Only request the services of an Official Accompanist if you intend to use them and complete the following steps:

  • Mark the appropriate box in the online or paper entry form.
  • Clearly label your music with competitor's name and Class number.
  • Send your music to the Music Coordinator, to arrive no later than 5 days after the closing date.
  • If you should need to cancel your booking, please notify the Music Coordinator as soon as possible. Accompanists can expend considerable time learning music and would rather not spend this time on pieces which are not required. 
  • Ensure your music is of good quality; photocopies may be sent, but it is your responsibility to ensure that copyright laws are observed and that an original copy is available on the day of performance.   A copy for the adjudicator (separate from the Official Accompanist's copy) will be required on the day of performance.