Festival Volunteers

Carlisle and District Music and Drama Festival is a charitable organisation. The Adjudicators and Official Accompanists are professionals, but the preparation, organisation and daily running of the Festival week is entirely done by volunteers. Without this small army of dedicated people, the Festival would simply not be possible. With an ever-growing number of participants, we are always looking for people who are willing to donate some or a good deal of their time to this worthwhile cause.

There are many different tasks to be performed, especially during the actual Festival week when we need at least five Stewards for every session; on some occasions, such as the Primary School Choirs Class, we may need up to 16 volunteers! A team of Stewards consists of one Adjudicator's Clerk, one Announcer, one Recording Officer, and two or more (depending on size of class and number of audience) Hall and Door Stewards. Together they ensure the smooth running of classes. Time schedules and task descriptions are made available beforehand, and there is always an experienced Main Steward to coordinate matters. 

With three sessions a day, for six days, in two halls, it is not hard to see why more volunteers are always most welcome. 

If you think you could help us out, please feel free to email for more information: carlislefestival@gmail.com