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Carlisle and District Music and Drama Festival

The dates for the Music and Drama Festival for 2024 are:

Monday 11th March - Saturday 16th March 2024

St Cuthbert's Church, Tithe Barn, St George's United Reformed Church
Carlisle, Cumbria

2024 Festival

Photos from the 2023 festival can be viewed on the link:

Carlisle Music & Drama Festival’s albums | Flickr

About the Charity

Carlisle and District Music and Drama Festival is a registered Charity (1035713). Established in 1896, it has organised an annual Festival in Carlisle ever since. Traditionally, the Festival takes place around the second week of March, from Monday to Saturday.

The annual Festivals bring together performers from all over Cumbria and beyond. It offers people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to display their talents and skills in music, speech and drama to professional adjudicators and a welcoming audience. Not least, the Festival offers local and regional people a wonderful week of entertainment, with six full days of music, speech and drama worth attending. The week is brought to a close on the Saturday night with a Gala Concert to showcase a selection of outstanding performances, and to award the major trophies and prizes. 

The Charity aims to give every single participant a positive experience, as well as valuable feedback from which they can learn and use to further develop their skills.